You're Not a Repair Project

You're not a repair project ebook

A powerful shift in perspective that will accelerate your emotional healing 

This short eBook is designed to help you transform the way you approach inner work. Experience deeper shifts with much greater ease as you transition from focusing on ‘fixing’ a broken self to having a living, breathing relationship with the fascinating, complex human being you are.

When we experience something like procrastination, or emotions like anger, it’s easy for us to assume they are the result of something being wrong with us. We conclude that we are somehow fundamentally flawed. After all, a truly healed person would not be wasting time, feeling such emotions, or having such thoughts, right? Now we just need the right inner work tools to help repair this dysfunctional, angry, procrastinating self that we have become.

This paradigm is toxic, yet taught to us constantly.

All emotions, all behaviors, even the ones that feel bad, serve a function. They are designed to protect you, to keep you from feeling a certain level of pain. Some part of you believes that by keeping you from starting that next project, it is saving you from rejection or worse.

When we understand that these parts of us are protectors, not only on an intellectual level, but begin actually exploring and communicating with those parts of ourselves directly, amazing things can happen.

You go from a ‘repair’ mindset to a living breathing relationship with yourself, one that is endlessly deep.

If this sounds good to you, the book is short, and free. You can get it down below, or at 🙂

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