Private sessions

Working together 1-on-1 is the most powerful and efficient way to help you process through whatever your challenges may be. 

There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping you feel more clear, calm, and able to move forward.


Free intro call

20 minutes to discuss your situation and possibly some tapping together.


single session

60-minutes of Clinical EFT, support and coaching – $100


3 sessions

3-pack of sessions, 60 minutes each  – $275.00 

Private Sessions 

60 minute sessions to deep-dive into your situation or goal using Zoom or Skype. 

Our session can be focused on:

  • Emotional processing and working with what you are experiencing
  • Discussion and demonstration of strategies and processes you can use yourself
  • Q&A about any aspect of inner work or what you are experiencing
  • Any combination of the above

You are welcome to be specific in the processes you wish to use and the intentions you have.
all you need to do is show up, I can guide things from there

I will make sure you have some solid tools to use for yourself, whether or not we ever speak again.

After the session you are welcome to send a follow-up email to clarify any points.


    $100 for 1-hour Session

(Discounts available for multiple sessions, on-going work together or other circumstances like exchange-rate — book the free 20 minute call above to discuss!)

Reviews & Endorsements


“My first one-hour session with Evan was one of the most valuable hours of my life, as it helped get over some recurring roadblocks”

– H.T, United Kingdom

Reviews & Endorsements

“Evan is awesome! I did a session with him regarding an issue I’ve had for over 9 years and it was profound”

– Cathy, Coach

Reviews & Endorsements

“Little did I know that taking his class would break wide open the block that I have been trying to find for decades.  Yes you heard me right, decades!! I had tried so many different things along with classes never to have it revealed. It wasn’t long into the class until it was revealed and I was able to release it.”

– Judy

Reviews & Endorsements


Working with Evan has helped me transform important relationships in my life, which brought me peace and great ease. Highly recommended.”

– S.T, Australia

Reviews & Endorsements


“I am not a person who tolerates having debt very well. I can still remember speaking with Evan, the things he told me, the exercise we did to help me find where I was in the situation and how I felt comfortable proceeding. I could hardly believe it; but I actually DID find a way to be comfortable enough with my situation to effectively get myself out of it… In May of 2016 I paid off my debt. 

Today, March of 2019 I am in a completely different situation financially”

– Patricia, USA

Reviews & Endorsements


Evan is not afraid to take you to places that no other therapist or coach or trainer or public figure has ever been able or willing to do—not in my experience—and I’ve been playing this self-help game for about four decades!

– G.H, USA

Contact Me

If you have any questions, or would like to reach out, please use the form on the right to contact me.