The Toxic Side of “Clearing Money Blocks”

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If you’re interested in inner work, then you’ve likely done some, or a lot of work around the subject of money.

If you fall into the “a lot of work” category, and are not happy with the results you are getting, this may be particularly relevant to you.

I have observed different versions of a mindset that I believe to be very toxic, dangerous and seductive when it comes to the subject of money for those of us interested in the inner game.

The thought pattern is: “Once I clear a certain block / clean up my past / ‘let go’ / get the right beliefs…”

THEN money is going to be finally be handled. Results will skyrocket. I will be one of the success stories on the website of technique #x. It’s all going to fall into place as soon as I uncover and clear this up.

Sometimes this breakthrough is conceptualized as a very clear, distinct moment. You’ll be able to point to the exact date and define it as the beautiful culmination of all the work you’ve ever done.

Why is this so dangerous?

There are a few reasons.

It CAN be correct

Interestingly, one of the most tricky things about this concept is that it *can* happen. Many of us have had a breakthrough that seems to immediately change our results going forward.

There are stories of people dropping a certain belief, having a certain insight, and then the pieces just seem to come together.

I personally know someone who had a solution to a problem that struck into their brain like lightning, wrote down the formula on a napkin, and made millions from the result.

Can these things happen? Yes.
Is it a solid strategy to look for that magic-bullet moment? I would argue, no.

The point is not to think such things are impossible, or to start placing unnecessary limitations on yourself.

It is to examine how YOU are approaching the money subject, the results you are getting, and if you are using the hunt for the next breakthrough to avoid other things that are less sexy and interesting, but necessary.

For every ‘manifested-millions’ story I know (few of which I could verify,) I personally hear dozens of “I’ve been working on this, EFT, visualizing, releasing, you name it around money, and I’m not getting the results I want, if any.”

Now, I’m a huge proponent of doing all of those types of inner work around money. I have a fairly extensive course that is all about that, along with working with people on live calls, all of which you can get completely free here.

However, that is often only one piece of the puzzle.

Its Overly Simplistic

Money has a lot of functions and qualities in this world, and those who are experts in it probably can name much more than I can. Both practically and more metaphysically, just some things I can think of:

  • An Exchange for goods and services
  • Reflection of value. If someone perceives something as more valuable or gets a greater benefit, they will likely be willing to pay more
  • Provides safety and security, for a rainy day or just a general sense of comfort.
  • Reflection of our own self-worth
  • Something that can grow or disappear based on where it’s stored, how it is invested

The list could go on, in many different directions.

Are we developing our skills? Do we reflect on how we can provide a service to others?

Are we comfortable with charging for them? Are we learning about how money works, where to put it and how it can grow? If we DO have a seemingly magic windfall of money, will we know what to do with it to serve us?

Every aspect here, and any others I can imagine, have both inner and external components.

It’s easy to ignore some of the seemingly more worldly, practical components for a variety of reasons. Many times, we simply do not want to confront them, and have become attracted to the idea of “attracting” money as a sort of avoidance mechanism, even if that inner work goes pretty deep.

It Lends Itself to False Certainty

It is not only possible, but seems fairly common, to develop blinders for certain issues.

You could be doing some type of psychological or emotional work around how your parents had a poor relationship with money.

It is possible to become fixated on this being the source of all of your money issues, and you focus on it for years, if not decades.

You are absolutely convinced that once you clear those issues around your parents, that money is going to fix itself.

Meanwhile, you may have never confronted some aspects like what service you could provide to others, and the various forms of inner work, practical analysis, and often very blunt real-world testing.

Or there is a breakthrough-potential block in some other aspect of your money story, but the fixation that one aspect prevents us from opening up to see it.

What To Do?

One of the biggest things to do is to practice being very honest with yourself, and examining if any of these apply to you.

Have you become convinced that your money issues are just a matter of finding that big block and clearing it, to the point where it closes your perception to other practical areas of life?

Are you fixated on a specific aspect, parents, past, and not allowing a more open inquiry into what needs some attention internally and externally?

Are you using inner work or any of this paradigm to avoid something you simply don’t want to do or address, that you realistically need to for your business or craft?

If you become aware of any of these, that is a big and most important step. Many of you have tools to work with once you become aware of something, and in many cases, simply being open presents the path towards solution in tandem with the awareness.

If you feel stuck, are not sure if you are in a loop, or are having problems getting out of it, those are times when working with someone else can be especially valuable. Here it is also important to work with someone who will tune into where you are at, and not prescribe to “just do technique #x or visualize more.”

You may enjoy my course on inner work and money, which is fairly in depth and 100% free: Reconciling with Money

I also do live follow up calls on this subject as well, which you can get informed of by signing up to the list lower on this page.

Two people whom I have gotten value and results from their EFT courses around money are Brad Yates and Margaret Lynch. I have also been making a point to learn about money, saving, investing from non-inner-work, practical related sources and it has been equally important – and I would submit that the two should not be seen as being so separate. I’ve gotten some good practical day to day advice such as from David Bach in this video here, and a lot more. My results have improved as I have made this all less “magical” and more a skill, like practicing my instrument.

What do you think? Does this apply to you? Is there anything you would add or have observed? Have you found any solutions for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Gilbert

    I believe it would help if people started talking about ‘making’ money instead of ‘earning’ it or ‘manifesting’ it.
    Instead of all this “money rains on me”, “I’m a money magnet” and all that non-sense.
    We need to start speaking of it as something that we bring into our lives, by our efforts in some way, in trade with others,
    We can still invoke the Law of Attraction, but we no longer are seeking to manifest a fantasy, ie. that the money is just going to drop from the air.
    Note: ‘earning’ money may seem similar to ‘making’ money, but traditionally, ‘earning’ implies someone else is in charge of the amount, someone else is the ultimate arbiter of what you get and why.

  2. Sarah

    flowing money sounds a good idea to me. we need to be able to easily handle the flow, have the capacity for it and have the desire for it. Is the desire a true impulse from within? Is it someone else’s impulse? What is balance and harmony for one person may be completely different to someone else. Is the desire for money a compensation for something else? and on the questioning goes.

    so maybe its a good idea to focus on how much money one wants to flow and how much one wants to accumulate… and the why of course. Set some figures and see what the body feed back is. Usually all super interesting feedback and information from our wonderful nervous systems.

    • Evan

      Those are great questions! Because money is so fundamental in our culture there is often a baked-in assumption that we want a lot of it. Logically, it makes sense that having more is better. Those types of personal questions from a foundation of being tuned into your body and emotional responses to these questions is really important. I often find bringing people down the inquiry of “how do you want to live?” gets more interesting and specific. There are often very inaccurate assumptions and associations about a certain amount or type of money required in order to live the way that actually feels good to someone at their core.


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