Testimonials for Evan

As a mental health therapist of over 20 years and having studied with the founder of EFT tapping, along with other masters in the field, I highly recommend Evan’s work for his depth of presence, skill and capacity for healing and transformation.

I first came across him by attending one of his classes, and was blown away by how masterfully he addressed multiple issues at such deep levels. His capacity to hold such a safe and welcoming space to really address challenging situations and traumas is impeccable and amazing.

You will be so pleased at the results of working with him.


Licensed Social Work Practitioner

Evan is a highly gifted, insightful and intuitive healing and transformation facilitator.

His authentic approach to EFT is effective, light hearted and engaging.

I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a professional and experienced practitioner.

Niko Ana Jeanne

Coach and EFT Practitioner

Evan listens to what is happening with you with his whole being, asking clarifying questions in a non-judgmental fashion.

Then, with the precision of a surgeon, he may make an apt suggestion, ask you to pause or reflect what the feeling tones are inside of the words.

What often emerges for the client is a new, fresh perspective and a healing beyond the expected. I should know, as I’ve been on the receiving end of his craft. His work goes way beyond the conceptual, as it reaches the heart.

Mark C


Evan is patient, calm, non-judgmental and really amazing at the modalities that he uses.

He was such a tremendous help in my last session with something that was plaguing me and was very confusing. With his insight, I was able to finally get clarity and a sense of empowerment.

I highly highly recommend him!


If you’d like to understand yourself and your day-to-day decision making, you should attend any of Evan’s online classes.

You will learn techniques to check-in with yourself and find the answers you have been looking for outside.

So, if you are ready for that, you are in the right place.


I had a private session with Evan because I had found myself in debt. I was very stressed out and triggered.

I can still remember speaking with Evan, the things he told me, the exercise we did to help me find where I was in the situation and how I felt comfortable proceeding.

9 months later, I paid off my debt. Today, I am in a completely different situation financially. I have the clarity to make decisions regarding finances with minimal stress or drama.

I highly recommend Evan as an advisor who can guide you to finding ways to guide yourself in life decisions, financial or otherwise.

Patricia Zehentmayr

Through his unique EFT technique, curiosity without any judgement and his undivided presence, Evan helped process my childhood traumas.

He always knows where to guide me time after time, and always with lots of kindness and gentleness.

Evan’s valuable advice always brings me to peace and clarity.


I had taken classes from Evan before and always learn what I need, so when he came up with the relationship class, I signed up for it — I thought this should be fun!

Little did I know that taking his class would break wide open the block that I had been trying to find for decades. It wasn’t long into the class until it was revealed, and I was able to release it. It also led into a trail of other blocks to release.

I can’t thank Evan enough for revealing that HUGE block for me, and I strongly recommend taking any of Evan’s classes.


Evan is awesome! I did a session with him regarding an issue I’ve had for over 9 years, and it was profound.

Cathy Hamilton