Not Healing? You’re Not “Doing it Wrong”

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If you feel like you haven’t healed yet, physically, mentally, emotionally…

Please do NOT assume you are doing something wrong.

In our journey of self-healing and inner work, we will learn many methods, strategies, hear success stories, and come across so much (too much) information.

While it’s a beautiful gift to have access to these, it’s very natural for our minds to reduce things down to statements like:

“I haven’t healed from this disease, but this other person did. They must have executed the steps properly, while I’m missing something.”

“I haven’t manifested the relationship, house or job yet, so I’m not visualizing correctly.”

“I am still repeating some old patterns, so I’m obviously doing the process wrong.”

“I sometimes feel like I’m going backwards. Why can’t I get it right?”

While it’s healthy to examine how we might be approaching a process, forgetting steps, getting some coaching or taking inventory, it’s NOT fair to assume you are in the wrong.



Our Minds Love The Idea

Of a formula.

Repeat the steps until the result comes.

In fact, in many instances in life, we over-complicate things and could really benefit from just following the proven best practices.

However, your entire body, mind, nervous system, beliefs, as well as the immense wisdom of the universe, is not something we can just reduce down to ‘follow the steps’ in all ways.

As someone who presents methods and techniques myself, I intimately understand that it’s necessary to create some form of structure. GP Walsh and I spent a lot of time with this for Inner Reconciliation, and I focus on it in my own material.

It is valuable, especially in the beginning, to have an overall framework and approach. It’s a balance to try to make this encompassing, leave room for self-exploration, and not be overwhelming.

However, there is no perfect formula for healing.



Explore Your Own Balance

Instead of assuming a tool works inherently, and if you’re not a success story then you must be doing something wrong, try looking at it this way:

All tools are designed to help you look within, and get more in touch with your experience.

Their purpose is to get more deeply connected to your inner world and, at least in my approach, examine your relationship to it.

Through this, you will begin to discover more and more of your own wisdom and what is needed for you.

Your path is going to be unique. The tools are to help you along the process.

Be kind to yourself, and be open to there is a much bigger picture than us simply being here to do something correctly and eventually get rewarded for it.

Questions, comments, please let me know!



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