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by | Nov 11, 2022 | Inner Work | 2 comments

If your hands hurt, it could be coming from your neck.

If you’re feeling stuck around money, it could be influenced by resentment you are carrying from an insult about your clothes in middle school.

Our minds love to put things into categories that seem simple and clear.
“My shoulder hurts, show me the shoulder stretch on YouTube to fix it.”

In reality, everything is amazingly interconnected. Everything affects everything.

The fascia, the connective tissue in your body, can transfer electrical signals even more quickly than your nerves. The speed of it all is mind-boggling, such that tapping or an acupuncture needle in your ankle can affect your head seemingly instantly.

When it comes to inner work, this is extremely relevant.

The Trap of “Losing Focus”

In the process of working on ourselves, we will naturally focus on subjects where we aren’t getting the results we want.

This is a very good and valuable thing to do. For example, if money is a problem in your life, there are a lot of high leverage things that you can explore by focusing on money.

What often happens then, is our minds will often categorize all of the thoughts, sensations and emotions as being relevant or irrelevant to money.

For example, the thought of bankruptcy comes up, along with some accompanying fear and shoulder tension, then that seems pertinent to the task at hand.

When the images and memories start going in other directions, we can feel tripped up.

“My mind keeps drifting to these past relationships. I’m not trying to focus on that now, I’m trying to focus on money. Why is there this distraction? Is it resistance? Am I losing focus?”

Chances are you are doing just fine.

It’s extremely likely that the past relationship is directly connected to money.

Remember, all of this is energy, electricity, quantum mechanics, consciousness… it’s beyond what my brain can process.

The idea that there are even “categories” to them, such as belonging to money or relationships, is completely a construct of our mind.

The Good News

You do not have to try to understand this, or sort out this incredibly intricate web of what-is-connected-to-what. Personally, I am convinced it’s impossible to do such a thing.

By making the time to look within yourself, your presence and curiosity naturally elicits what is needed.

When you set the intention to approach a subject, the same unfathomable intelligence that created this body and mind reveals to you what is most relevant. IT knows best!

It is not your job to sort it out.

The more you can begin to trust this greater intelligence, the smoother things will go. Usually it will take some time to look beyond your judgment that the things coming up seem so random or “unrelated” to the subject you are working on.

When you engage curiosity, self-compassion, and focus on your relationship with this energy rather than trying to control it, this helps the cause even more.

You can look through my e-book: You’re Not a Repair Project for more clarity and how-to on that.

I have more to say about this for sure, including how life events are just as relevant as emotional work. Are you interested in this subject?

I’d love to hear about it, feel free to reply, comment on the blog or YouTube.


  1. ildiko

    Absolutely true! And I remember being ridiculed as a child when I said things like, “I don’t like ice cream. It gives me a headache. ‘ And I do remember sensations in my foot when something touched my head… etc… as far as inner work goes… it feels very empowering to trust that intelligence that is willing to guide us with information from the dimensions of the heart and depth of being. When we accept and follow the cues, they always make sense at the end.

    • Evan

      Well said Ildiko!


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