Is Healing Possible for Me?

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Is it possible for the body to heal?
Is it possible for trauma to be released, for emotions to process?

Anyone involved in inner work has some type of internal “yes” to this question.
Otherwise, what would be the point in exploring these practices?

Now, see what your response is to this question:

Is it possible for MY body to heal?
Is it possible for ME to be free?

For many, this opens up an entirely different can of worms.

Of course the body is amazing, complex, and miracles take place every day in terms of healing.

We’ve seen stories of tremendous recovery from traumatic events to deeply satisfying, inspiring lives. ​​​​

“Can it happen for me?” 

This is where doubts can come in

  • I’ve been at this a long time…
  • I have so many issues, it’s hard to know where to start
  • It’s hard for me to stay consistent
  • You have to do so much more work, so much more meditation than I’m able to do
  • There are so many different techniques and approaches…
  • You have to have some divine grace take place, which I’m not sure is going to happen
  • If there is no-self or life is just unfolding, do I have a say in any of this anyway?

We have our own self-concepts, ideas and wounds that make us feel exempt from getting those healings, results, or feelings of deep peace independent of circumstances.

Misplaced Confidence

I’ve found I can be surprisingly confident in my own limitations.

When I find myself saying and believing “this isn’t possible for me… this isn’t working…”

Really – how can I possibly know that?

Do I know exactly what is happening in my body or how it works?
Did I create my body or any of this, or did it all just appear – suddenly one day I was alive?
Do I really understand how all of this works, or no matter how much I study, is this fundamentally a miraculous mystery?

It helps open things up.

I really cannot possibly know the answer to what is possible for me, or for anyone.

Also, my favorite teachers, those whom I consider to have a profound level of clarity and insight, often speak to the mysterious nature of all of life.

This is very different than projecting an image of having “figured it all out,” or point to having some ultimate solution (this one of the best tests for me in terms of whom I listen to.)

Try relaxing the idea for a moment that you can possibly know what you are capable of. It may be liberating.

It can also be a bit scary.

Limitations are Known

We can understand and make sense out of certain things in our lives.

If I exercise muscle X, it gets stronger. When I eat salads vs. fast food, I feel better.

This provides a certain sense of security. Understanding. An ability to control. It can make us feel like it’s all up to us, that we can do something about a particular circumstance.

Of course, our mind likes to extrapolate this understanding into all areas of life – including inner work and healing.
“I’ve done a lot of this work and have not seen that result yet, so there is proof that I’m (fill in the blank)”

There is a certain comfort in “knowing” who we are, what we are capable of, and what we can expect and prepare for.

To explore what may actually be possible for us requires some stepping into the unknown.

We may have to let go of our confidence and certainty, and step into areas that say “I have no idea where this is going, where this might take me, how it might look, or what ‘healing’ even looks like.”

It can be scary, but many things that can change our lives are.

No Matter What

Regardless of what your beliefs are, what you believe is possible in terms of the body, mind, inner work, healing…

The belief “this is not possible for me” cannot possibly help.

We may as well at least go for the truth, which is much closer to “I have no idea what is possible.”

This can be a starting point that is more accessible for many, if it is too much of a leap to jump into believing that we can heal, change, grow.

Even though I do believe it is possible for you, and you deserve it.

A Process

Here is an EFT Tapping video with a process on “Healing is not possible for me.”

I hope it helps 🙂


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