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I can help you resolve the emotional pain, negative thinking and self-criticism that is keeping you stuck

Does any of this sound familiar?  

  • No matter what you decide to do, you find yourself back in the same behavior patterns you wish to change.
  • You feel a sense of not being good enough or imposter syndrome, no matter what you create or accomplish? 
  • You feel like you really understand what you are doing and why, perhaps you can even feel the emotions involved, but this awareness is not resulting in actual change. 
  • You have a practice or process that worked well for you, but has plateaued or is unable to get to deeper programming or trauma? 
  • Maybe you want to work on yourself, but are overwhelmed or don’t know where to start? 
  • You are in a stressful, challenging situation and need some clear guidance and tools to help you settle, relax and tap into your natural resources.

You are in the right place. 

Believe it or not, your self-judgment, “blocks” and seeming patterns of self-sabotage happening in your life are actually trying to protect you

If you’re experienced, perhaps you’ve even heard that before. It’s not about knowing this intellectually, but knowing HOW to work with this. 

In a short amount of time and a little bit of guidance, we can look together and discover: 

When we work WITH these parts of ourselves that are trying to protect us, rather than trying to reprogram, transcend, or get rid of them, you can see results – sometimes very quickly.

By gently being guided to explore and feel what is happening inside you from this perspective, combined with proven tools like Inner Reconciliation, guided visualization, EFT and more, you will experience a powerful shift in how you feel – as well as feel about yourself. 

My role is also to help give you practical tools that can help you in any situation, not to rely on constant visits or ‘healings’ for growth. 

You can see testimonials below of individuals who have had concrete results on everything from getting out of debt to shifting their relationships. 

You can even try out working with me on an issue at no cost to see if the approach helps you. Check out the ‘work together’ section via the button below. 

Thanks, and I hope to connect with you soon.

Reviews & Endorsements


“My first one-hour session with Evan was one of the most valuable hours of my life, as it helped get over some recurring roadblocks”

– H.T, United Kingdom

Reviews & Endorsements

“Evan is awesome! I did a session with him regarding an issue I’ve had for over 9 years and it was profound”

– Cathy, Coach

Reviews & Endorsements

“Little did I know that taking his class would break wide open the block that I have been trying to find for decades.  Yes you heard me right, decades!! I had tried so many different things along with classes never to have it revealed. It wasn’t long into the class until it was revealed and I was able to release it.”

– Judy

Reviews & Endorsements


Working with Evan has helped me transform important relationships in my life, which brought me peace and great ease. Highly recommended.”

– S.T, Australia

Reviews & Endorsements

First and foremost, Evan listens to what is happening with you with his whole being, asking clarifying questions in a non-judgmental fashion.Then, with the precision of a surgeon, he may make an apt suggestion, ask you to pause or reflect what the feeling tones are inside of the words.
Evan never “leads the witness” but works with your raw material. What often emerges for the client is a new, fresh perspective and a healing beyond the expected. I should know, as I’ve been on the receiving end of his craft. His work goes way beyond the conceptual, as it reaches the heart.
– Mark C – Coach from

Reviews & Endorsements


“I am not a person who tolerates having debt very well. I can still remember speaking with Evan, the things he told me, the exercise we did to help me find where I was in the situation and how I felt comfortable proceeding. I could hardly believe it; but I actually DID find a way to be comfortable enough with my situation to effectively get myself out of it… In May of 2016 I paid off my debt. 

Today, March of 2019 I am in a completely different situation financially”

– Patricia, USA

Reviews & Endorsements


Evan is not afraid to take you to places that no other therapist or coach or trainer or public figure has ever been able or willing to do—not in my experience—and I’ve been playing this self-help game for about four decades!

– G.H, USA

Reviews & Endorsements


 have been working with Evan for quite a while – he is just wonderful!
 He is patient, calm, non-judgmental and really amazing at the Inner Reconciliation work and other modalities that he includes.
He was such a tremendous help in my last session with something that was plaguing me and was very confusing and with his insight, I was able to finally get clarity and a sense of empowerment.
I highly highly recommend him!
– Charli, Los Angeles USA

Experience Coaching for yourself

MY Approach

Feeling = Healing

Inner Work and various practices can often be used to try to avoid, transcend or “fix” our feelings.

When we are willing to feel our emotions, reactions, and sensations in the body, we are able to process and move forward. Not by forcing them, but inviting them and allowing our system to work with them in a way it can naturally handle. 


Guided awareness

A foundation of my approach. If I ask you to bring your attention to a part of your body, you innately know how to move your awareness there. 

That might not seem like a big deal, but it immediately brings things into conscious awareness, and among other things is enormously powerful when applied intentionally!



Whatever is happening within you, you will find there is a reason for it. When we respect the sophistication of the body / mind / nervous system, we can begin  listening and working with it. 

Respect also includes my respect for whatever you are going through, history, and preferences for how you like to work


EFT (Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is something I love to use, as it is very powerful in helping the body and nervous system process emotion, energy and provide a sense of calm and stability. 

It is also shown that engaging the body is valuable, if not absolutely essential, in helping heal trauma. 



It is easy to judge ourselves, or the thoughts and feelings that arise around different subjects in our lives. When we can give them permission to be seen without rejection and judgement, amazing things can happen. 

My job is to help facilitate this by creating a non-judgemental environment for whatever comes up for you, in whatever honest form it takes.

Inner Reconciliation

An effective process for working with and resolving inner conflict, which is a key element to most of our struggles. Example: Part of us wants to move forward to a new goal, part of us wants to stay where we are most familiar and safe.

I am a senior facilitator of IR, having studied directly with the creator GP Walsh, taught in the homestudy course, dozens of live calls, courses, and helped teach current facilitators. 



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The Goals Process (Free)

Free live presentation of a very powerful goals process you can use in your life, combining elements of meditation, visualization, inspired action and more.



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