Giving What You’ve Never Received

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Inner Work | 0 comments

Is it possible to give what you’ve never received?

It is a paradox, and something of a miracle, but…

the answer seems to be yes.

Even if you feel like you’ve never experienced it,

Kindness still lives in you, and can be extended to others.
Compassion exists within you.
Curiosity, empathy and much more.

There does not appear to be a limit to what we have access to, emotionally speaking, when we look directly to the source itself.

The next time you see someone suffering, see if you can pause for a moment and imagine their condition. Imagine energetically giving them some compassion or positive energy.

Do not try to access it through your memory banks. Ignore any thoughts that may arise saying “it’s not possible – I don’t know how”

If you’re able to extend an emotion even a moment, you must have access, somewhere, somehow.

Reflect on that for a moment.

If you can even imagine being generous, caring, loving, towards another human being, then something in you innately understands it — there’s a built-in connection somewhere.

That also means it can be extended to yourself.

It may take some practice.
There may be parts of yourself that you feel disconnected from, to where the whole thing sounds foreign.

Don’t worry, it’s never truly lost.

Consider experimenting with this today.

Sometimes attempting to give something to others is easier than it is to ourselves.

It can bypass some of the self-judgment circuitry, and bypass many stories.

If you can give it, you have it – even if no one EVER gave it to you.
That’s because they are your birthright. They are not anyone else’s to give you.

They may have done a fine job of suppressing them within you, or convincing you that they don’t exist.

They are wrong.

Prove it to yourself.

Experiment and enjoy the process.

You’re not a repair project


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