Feeling Ugly and Unattractive: EFT Tapping

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Looks matter in our culture, if not all modern cultures.

We like to say otherwise, but all we have to do is look around and observe how people are treated. There are multiple studies that show this, but on a gut level, I’m not sure we really need them 

In a society where appearance often dominates perceptions, feelings of being ugly and unattractive can be debilitating.  causing emotional turmoil and self-judgment. In this guided EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping session, we explored these feelings, aiming to understand, accept, and eventually transform our self-perception.


Exploring Self-Perception

Feelings of unattractiveness can feel overwhelming and factual, especially when we compare ourselves to societal standards or individuals we deem attractive. Such feelings are often reinforced by perceived behaviors and treatments we observe from our surroundings, leading to more pain and frustration.


Acknowledging Pain and Judgment

It is essential to acknowledge and allow ourselves to feel the pain, to stop judging our appearance, and to create space to feel what’s underneath it all. By processing these feelings, we grant them the opportunity to move through our body, promoting self-kindness and a deeper understanding of our emotional state.


Questioning Perception and Belief

Is our perception of ugliness and attractiveness the ultimate truth? Are these judgments affecting our energy and subsequently the perceptions and feelings of others? Often, we find things beautiful that others don’t, and vice versa. It’s crucial to reflect on whether we’ve ever found someone attractive who thinks otherwise about themselves.


Relaxing Judgment

The experiment of relaxing judgment about appearance, focusing less on flaws and more on the world around us, can shift our world perspective. While our culture emphasizes looks, we do not have to conform to this standard. We can choose to see and connect to something beyond the physical, experiencing different forms of beauty.


Shifting Perspective and Perception

This shift in perspective and perception might not only change how we see ourselves but also how we appear to others. It’s not about convincing ourselves of our beauty but about relaxing the whole judgment mechanism. It’s about allowing our focus to be more outward and judging less about appearances.



Feeling ugly and unattractive is deeply embedded in our culture, causing a myriad of emotional pains and self-judgments. Through EFT tapping, we can navigate these feelings, learn to relax our judgments, and shift our perceptions about attractiveness, finding beauty beyond the physical. The journey through self-perception can be long and challenging, but it’s worth exploring to connect with different forms of beauty and to learn to see ourselves and the world around us in a new light.



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