Feeling Safe in Your Body

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When it comes to our inner emotional world, I’ve found that our relationship to what we experience is most important.

(This is the foundation of “You’re Not a Repair Project” and most of my work)

  • Do we see the emotions or experiences as a problem to fix?
  • Something to transcend spiritually?


Not surprisingly, I’ve found this relates to the body as well.

We can talk about connecting to our body, we can explore breath work and diet changes. We can try to be present and sink in, or try to be the witness…

However, what is the fundamental relationship we have with the body in the first place?

Any of the techniques we use to connect with our body can be coming from a “fix it” place, a fear place, or many other places.

I’ve often pushed my body, seen it as something to power through, or to ‘fix’ even with my meditation practice – many times!

Our bodies might not feel safe enough to even welcome any type of connecting exercises or deep breaths… at least around certain subjects.

It took me a healthy amount of time, education and experience to realize that simply inviting people to “take a deep breath” or “connect to your body” was FAR from sufficient, or even always appropriate.

With all of this in mind, I want to create a space where we can safely, gently explore this relationship to our body. The emotions around it, the fundamental space before we start trying to connect or work with the body directly.

One place I do this is a drop-in class on Feeling More Safe in the Body.

For those of you who like EFT tapping, there is a video below.

Some individuals find that tapping on the EFT points is a bit too much for their nervous system, or they may be dealing with a pain limitation that makes it difficult — but they still feel a resonance with the process.

In either case, you may benefit from something called “Touch and Breathe” aka TAB.

This is where you literally just lightly touch or hold a tapping point and breathe gently, rather than tapping.

This has been shown to be effective and give many of the same benefits. I hope this helps you!


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