“EFT Doesn’t Work For Me” – Try This

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Have you tried EFT tapping with little success?

Unfortunately there is a lot of tapping content online that is a bit… simplistic, to put it nicely.

“Tap away your anxiety in 5 minutes,” or “tap away symptom XYZ,” which not surprisingly, does not work for many people.

Before you write it off, I want to share a bit about how EFT works, and why it can be a super valuable tool to have in your repertoire (this may be interesting even if you like the technique.)

With some understanding and a bit more systematic approach, it can be extremely beneficial.

Evan 🙂


Video Summary:

The Mechanism Behind EFT Tapping

EFT tapping involves tapping on specific points on the body, leading to physiological responses, potentially inducing a calming effect and helping in emotional healing and trauma work. These points, when tapped, send signals to the brain and nervous system that can lead to a desensitization to certain emotional triggers, and this process has been increasingly substantiated through recent studies.


The Misrepresentation and Misunderstanding of EFT

Unfortunately, EFT is sometimes showcased as a mystical, quick-fix tool capable of instantaneously curing any disease or condition. This misconception may arise when people experience swift relief in some minor or tension-related cases and generalize this experience to all issues. When EFT doesn’t provide instant relief for every problem, some might hastily discard it as ineffective without understanding its actual scope and limitations.


The Need for a Nuanced Approach

EFT isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and may not work effectively on broad or generalized subjects without a personalized and systematic approach. This involves focusing on specific aspects or components of an emotional issue and gradually working through them, rather than seeking immediate resolution of the overarching problem. For example, rather than tapping generically on “anger,” addressing specific incidents or triggers that induce anger can be more beneficial.


From Quick Relief to Deep Emotional Work

While EFT can offer “quick fix” symptom relief, which is valuable in its own right, it can also be a potent tool for addressing deeper, more entrenched emotional issues when applied systematically and patiently. It can be instrumental in breaking the chains of mental and emotional cycles over time, even if the initial progress seems marginal.


The Gradual and Systematic Process

Even minor progress, like a reduction from a 10 to a 9.5 in fear intensity, signifies that EFT is working and can be built upon through repeated, nuanced applications or by addressing layered components of an issue one at a time. This might involve focusing on individual triggers, gradually desensitizing the emotional response, and possibly incorporating cognitive reframing of the situation.


Practical Implementation and Resourcefulness

To maximize the benefits of EFT, individuals should approach it methodically, personalizing the process to their unique situations and emotions, and possibly seek guidance through resources or professional help when dealing with intense or layered issues. There are plenty of resources available, including techniques for gentler EFT application, which can help in navigating this therapeutic journey.



EFT tapping holds immense potential as a therapeutic tool when understood and applied correctly. It is crucial not to dismiss it based on limited or generalized experiences and to approach it with an open and informed mind. Whether it is used as a quick relief method or a tool for deeper emotional work, the systematic, nuanced, and personalized application of EFT can make a significant difference in emotional healing and well-being.



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