Compassion tapping is an approach to EFT that emphasizes self-kindness to help uncover and resolve deep emotional triggers in a gentle, effective way.

Rather than attempting to “tap away” our so-called negative emotions (which are trying to protect us,) we use the calming aspect of tapping to help us allow and explore what we are experiencing.

Emphasizing a sense of inner safety, stuck emotions and thoughts have the space to release naturally. This results in greater peace, ease, and clarity where there used to be a stress response.

Compassion tapping was created by Evan (@InnerWorkWithEvan) who is a certified clinical EFT practitioner with years of experience working with clients and studying multiple disciplines of emotional work.


If you are not already familiar with tapping, please watch this video:

Compassion Tapping Process

1. Start tapping on the collar bone, or any point you like.

2. Ask yourself: What emotion am I feeling around this?

Take a moment here. You can choose the strongest emotion, if one is clear. Otherwise, choose any.
If it feels blank, then blankness or numbness IS your choice. 

3. Keep tapping and ask: Am I judging or resisting this emotion in any way?

The power is in asking and tapping, no matter what comes up here – even it remains numbness.
Look for any physical reactions, tensions, thoughts, subtle or overt shifts in emotion. 


4. Keep tapping and ask: Am I judging how long this has been an issue, or how intense it is?

5. Keep tapping and ask: What do I believe this situation means about me?

Let any aspects come up, the situation itself, your resistance, any insights, the fact that you are numb, the fact that this doesn’t seem to be working… does that bring you to any conclusions about yourself?

Nothing works for me, this means I’m not trying, this means I haven’t healed enough…

6. Imagine your favorite person in the world, especially a younger one, sharing this whole story with you.

Tune into the way you would react to them saying your story, such as:

“I’m feeling scared about how much money we have, and am embarassed because this means we aren’t as good as other families…”

What would your tone be with them? Connect to that spirit as you tap, allow the emotions to come up and be kind to yourself as you would to this person.

Guided Process

The process is easier when you are being guided through it. 

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