Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – You are NOT Weak or Lazy

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Even if you have a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, it is not uncommon to judge yourself as being weak, lazy, or that you should be able to ‘push through.’

I have had more than one person share this with me, and as harsh as it can sound towards oneself, it’s understandable how this happens.

The constant messaging of hustling, pushing, and relentless hard work in our culture runs deep, and can be strongly embedded from a young age.

“Work hard” and you will succeed.

The romanticizing of entrepreneurs grinding themselves to the bone, eventually building that multi-million dollar business. They are the heroes, the success stories.

This equates how much we are driving ourselves, or how much we are seemingly accomplishing on the outside, with how valuable we are as people.
This is fundamentally NOT true.

While you know that your body is going through something, and this may all make sense intellectually, we want to help get that into your heart. 

I never endorse fighting or arguing with what is happening inside of you. You may experience feelings of frustration, wishing you could push harder, and it’s OK to acknowledge those.

Yes, part of you wants things to be different than they are. That is OK. Recognize that is there.

Do not get too engaged in the different stories and thoughts that are associated with that desire for things to be different. Do your best to keep a distance from the ‘gravity’ of that desire, observing it with acceptance.

At the same time, see if you can tune into the fact that your body is doing amazing things and working hard behind the scenes.

It is going through something, it is not broken or defective.

It is working hard, keeping your heart beating and doing all sorts of things that are actually quite miraculous.

It may benefit from you acknowledging it, looking at it with compassion and encouragement for doing everything it is doing, rather than focusing on what it is not (I know this is easier said than done.)

Finally, continue to challenge the belief that life is about how much we do or accomplish externally.

Some of the greatest sages of all time, who have achieved the highest levels of bliss and changed so many lives, mostly sat in meditation. They were not ‘hustling’ to say the least!

You are OK as you are, and the more that is embraced, the more energy is freed up for healing, growth and anything else you wish.

Here is a video to re-enforce this as well. I hope it is helpful in some way:


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