Calming Negative Self-Talk

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Isn’t it interesting how we use the phrase “self-talk?”

If it’s mySELF that is talking, shouldn’t I have control over this voice?

When it comes to speaking out loud, you can simply stop talking, you can say “hello” or “nice to see you…” 

Even if you don’t mean it!

It doesn’t take long to realize that there is a voice, or multiple voices, running their own commentary in our mind.

These voices are not always cheering us on with happy messages, to say the least.

So what is actually going on here? 

This question really matters. There are multiple ways of answering “what’s going on here?” from different perspectives. 

However, the way you choose to look at and “define” this voice will impact how you approach it pragmatically.

  • Do you simply label it as ego and tried to ignore it?
  • Do you try to ‘reprogram it’ to say nicer things, as though it’s just a computer program?

and so on…

I am sure there are multiple valid approaches.

What I have found most useful for myself and in client practice, is a sense of genuine curiosity towards this self-talk.

Rather than referencing external ideas about what it is, there are ways we can investigate it directly.

Because I also believe that human beings are unique and complex, we don’t want to assume YOUR voice is “bad” just because it’s saying harsh things.

 In fact, it is quite often a protective energy with good intentions.

If you’re familiar with my work, none of this will be too surprising 🙂

I recently uploaded an EFT tapping round that guides you through this process of working with negative self-talk. 

Hope it helps!


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