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Evan is a full-time musician in the competitive New York City area, performing and recording internationally with many artists including Grammy award winners and NEA Jazz Masters. Music provided some powerful, transcendent experiences early on that sparked an interest in meditation as a way to explore that connection. Far from a natural talent, anxious, stressed and doubtful of his ability to make a career from his passion, he became fascinated when exposed to the idea of using meditative techniques and inner work to actively improve one’s emotional state, health, performance and results.

He became hooked after a skeptical experiment with an emotional releasing process almost instantly dissolved a serious wrist pain that was threatening his ability to work. After years of study and practice with various methods, he began working closely with teacher GP Walsh where he began co-teaching classes, facilitating workshops, individuals as well as training other facilitators. He is certified in different techniques and enjoys continuing this practice through “Inner Work Coaching” using Guided Awareness meditation, EFT, Inner Reconciliation and whatever else can help people connect to their own natural abilities and positively shift their relationship to their thoughts, feelings and emotions.


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Evan has taught guided awareness meditation and facilitated inner work for hundreds of individuals live and online over the last 5 years. He has studied and been certified various techniques, and was the senior facilitator of Inner Reconciliation where he also trained other teachers.

​A full-time musician in the competitive New York City area with an established resume, Evan has a lot of experience bringing emotional and inner work into the practical side of dealing with life’s many challenges: career, relationship, health and more. He places an emphasis on concrete, noticeable results over theory and concepts.

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Reconciling with Money – 3 week course to uncover and clear blocks, take practical steps and improve your relationship with money using guided exercises, Inner Reconciliation, EFT and more.


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