About Me

A Compassionate, Practical  and Powerful Approach to Emotional Work

For nearly a decade I’ve helped people process emotional challenges, traumas, overcome phobias and realize goals with my unique approach to facilitation.

I’m a certified Clinical EFT practitioner with a solid evidence-based foundation. My decades of experience as an accompanist, improviser, and study of various techniques combined with an empathetic and curious nature add a dimension to my methodology that cannot be taught.

Jazz Musician Discovers Inner Work

My initial years of studying meditation and therapeutic techniques were born out of necessity

Living as a freelance New York City jazz musician is not easy… especially as a rather introverted, self-critical, young perfectionist.

My initial years of studying meditation and therapeutic techniques were born out of necessity: I simply didn’t have the confidence, social skills or emotional stability to handle my career move to NYC.

Now, of all the problems in the world, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate pursuing a musical dream is a rather privileged one. Knowing this however, only added to the pressure and guilt I felt.

I was a meditator since high school, exposed from books like Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery” and Sufism’s “The Mysticism and Sound of Music” but these didn’t really address emotional issues in any direct way, and therapy wasn’t exactly popular for teenagers at the time.

I can’t recall the exact digital footsteps that first exposed me to the Sedona Method (I’m pretty sure MySpace was involved, remember that?) but it was a total game changer for me. Realizing we could interact directly with our inner world, provide a space for emotions to ‘release,’ even systematically going through and resolving old triggers exposed me to a new world of growth and development.

This emotional work turned into a passion in and of itself, going on multiple retreats, learning different techniques (including tapping,) even getting a certification or two. I worked closely with a teacher, a men’s group, and organically started facilitating or swapping sessions with others in my community.

I found a beautiful similarity in the presence required to facilitate as well as accompany in music. As a bass player in improvised settings, I need to be constantly following the note choices, feel and energy of others and adapt in real-time. The hours developing this “muscle” proved incredibly valuable in coaching and facilitating clients. 

Nonetheless, I kept this emotional / spiritual work aspect of my life rather quiet, if not outright hidden from my musical sphere. I thought a lot of it was too “out there,” or somehow would affect my reputation.

More significantly, my drive for emotional work was still primarily to ‘improve myself’ so I could be a better musician, be more popular, get more gigs, be more attractive etc. etc.. There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting these things, but whatever gains I experienced never felt like enough. These goals were coming from wounds, a need for validation and perfectionism that were stealthily running the show.

Constant achievement is also emphasized in our success obsessed culture, where inner work becomes just another means to ‘hustle’ harder and achieve more goals.

In working through this, it has become part of my mission to make emotional work a practical, helpful tool for our well being… something to help us develop a relationship of respect and curiosity towards our inner world rather than ‘improving’ it. You can learn more about this in my “You’re Not a Repair Project” free eBook or on my interview on on Brad Yates’ show “Get Ready.”

Since the events of 2020 I began taking this work more seriously and gradually became more public in my role as a facilitator. I completed my Clinical EFT certification, and have worked as an Emotional Assistant in seminars as well as partnered with my mentor Niko Ana Jeanne to teach programs together.

My Mission

I want to bring peace of mind and resolve inner conflict for as many people as possible.

From a more centered place, I believe we can find what actually brings us happiness and fulfillment. This contentment naturally spreads to others in a positive way that is a net-positive for everyone.



Help relieve suffering and bring peace of mind by processing stress and trauma


Make emotional work practical, simple and accessible


Help people develop a healthy relationship with their emotions, not try to "fix" themselves while focusing on external success

Core Values

Everyone is worthy and deserving of feeling more peace and happiness, whatever their situation. 

Emotional healing is a practical art form, and should be presented in a clear manner.  

Everyone is unique, and has their own path. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

My job is to find what will best support you, including referring you to someone else. 

No one should be blamed or shamed for doing something wrong if a particular technique or approach is not delivering results.  


Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle way to process stress and troubling emotions using physical touch and cognitive processing. 

A growing body of scientific evidence supports the efficacy of tapping in reducing stress and anxiety symptoms, as well as for conditions like PTSD using the “Clinical EFT” approach. I am a certified Clinical EFT facilitator.


Inner Conflict Resolution

You will often find conflicting desires within you. “Part” of you wants a goal or outcome, while something else feels fear or resistance. 

If we try to visualize or tap for a certain outcome without addressing this discord, we can stay stuck. I incorporate dialogue and conflict resolution techniques. 

Compassion Tapping

I have a particular set of steps and questions called “Compassion Tapping” that will help you gently explore and begin to resolve even the deepest emotional challenges. 

Why Choose Me

There are many facilitators and techniques to choose from. Here is what I believe is most important:


I listen closely to what you want, need, and what your goals are.


I pull from a variety of techniques, and sessions are unique each time. There is never a cookie-cutter or formulaic approach.


I focus on practical results, and give clear steps you can use in every day life to help further reduce stress and improve clarity.