5-minute meditation for clarity

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Inner Work | 0 comments

CLARITY is the word I chose for 2023.  A coach recently asked me to sum up what matters most going forward for this year, and that was the immediate, clear winner for me. 

We often don’t know what we are moving towards, or even trying to accomplish.

An enormous amount of mental and emotional energy can get used in this wandering, grasping quality of “what am I working towards? Where do I even start?”

When I have a gig coming up and difficult music to learn for it, there is something beautiful about that.

I know the deadline. I know what to do. I know it will be satisfying when I show up well prepared. It’s spelled out, so to speak.

When left my own devices, it’s often not so clear.

Even with inner work, I find it is easy to get pulled into vague spiritual concepts, fuzzy ideas, and a lack of focus on why we started doing this in the first place. 

There are many different exercises you can use to help with this, I’ve even taught workshops and mini-courses on this topic of finding our vision and bringing it to reality. 

One exercise is presented here as a 5-minute meditation for clarity.

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