You Have Not Failed

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Inner Work | 2 comments

You have not failed.

There’s a common theme I have seen in my calls, conversations, and of course working on myself…

underneath it all, there is an idea, a feeling, that we have failed at something.

You’ve been doing all of this work on yourself.
You’ve meditating, visualizing, releasing for a while now.
You’ve seen some results.

But you’re not where you thought you should be by now.

  • Where’s that great relationship?
  • Why do I still have money problems?
  • At this point in my life, why is my career where it is?
  • Why hasn’t my body healed, or gotten to where I want it?

Where are the results I was imagining?

The results I may have been promised to expect as a result of doing the work.

This sense of failure is only created by comparing what you are experiencing right now, to a concept in your mind of what you are supposed to be experiencing.

You have not failed at anything.

If you are divorced, your marriage did not “fail.”
If you are still recovering, or things are relapsing, your healing has not “failed.”
if you are not walking around in bliss having mystical experiences all day your spiritual pursuits have not failed.

Please give yourself a moment of freedom from your mind’s definition of success.

You are comparing reality, life itself, to an idea of what it is supposed to be – IF you do things successfully.

All of these items, and life itself, are far too intricate and layered to be reduced down to a win vs. lose perspective.

Within that “failed business” were a million points of growth, change, development, learning, and yes battle scars, which are part of the journey.

You did what you needed to do in the moment.
There were literally billions of factors involved, and leading up to that moment.

You have continued to grow and learn and work on yourself.

This alone puts you in a rare category. The fact that you are even willing to explore within, and be open to the possibility that you play an active role in how you experience reality.

Continue to have your dreams and aspirations. However:

  • Use them as a way to learn more about yourself, which is ultimately what frees you.
  • Use them as an opportunity to feel good now.
  • Use them as a way of tapping into the emotions that you want to experience (which by the way, is possible to experience before the manifestation happens)


You do have enormous creative power.

Yet, the purpose of it, and of inner work in general in my opinion, is to enjoy and be present TODAY as best as you can.

Remember, you’re not failing unless you let your mind define it that way.

You’re not a repair project.


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I love this! Never have I seen so much truth put this concisely. Thank you, Evan. Hope to continue to recognize when I’m caught up in the mind’s story about success and the myth that I need repair.

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