Vision and Purpose in Trying Times

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I received a lot of feedback, and had many conversations with individuals regarding this earlier post about vision and purpose.

In it, I mention how those of us with any background in personal development or spirituality hear “have a vision for your life,” “be clear about what you want,” “feel and act as if.” enough to the point that it becomes cliche. This makes it easy to ignore. We’ve already heard it, we already know it, so it may not register as being interesting or significant.

While I stress the importance in that post, I believe it may be even more important now (it is currently during the US shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.) Challenging times can lend themselves to putting a subject like this even further onto the back burner, but at least for me and my experience, it’s been more significant than ever.

My primary profession is a freelance musician. Literally all of my work and income has evaporated with Corona. I was supposed to be in the studio the next few days, which would have covered much of my expenses, which are not low in New York City. It is not expected that people are going to be rushing to live performances any time soon.

Fortunately, I have a certain amount of clarity on my vision, purpose and what matters to me.

The sound I hear in my head, the time-feel I want to have, the musicians I want to continue to play with or eventually play with some day, they are not going anywhere. I can still wake up and feel connected to that inspiration, to grow towards it.

I know I want to go deeper with my own Inner Work and my ability to facilitate others. I’ve been doing a lot more free support calls, writing, listening to great teachers and speaking to others.

I’ve also been using some of this downtime to put together ways of teaching musicians and other colleagues how to teach online, and set things up for classes like what I am offering here.

The circumstances always change, this happens to be a dramatic version of it, but the vision and inner fire are very key to me in terms of where my focus goes, and continuing to direct energy in a positive way.

Without it, it is extremely easy to get sucked into watching updates for hours on end under the guise of feeling informed, into imagining a terrible future for myself and profession, or any number of roads that are not helpful to my mental state, energy, immune system, or ability to contribute to anyone around me.

My sense is that we all have a certain amount of clarity and vision within us, and it may look and express itself very, very differently for each person.

This is one of the primary reasons I am doing a class on vision and purpose. If you are seeing this after it has taken place, it is available as a recording.

What this class will focus on, are ways of connecting to that vision and energy within yourself. Processes I use, examples, guided exercises and more.

One of the main distinctions for me is that this is about really connecting to something within. When this process gets too analytical or simply thinking about different ideas and preferences, it tends to fall very flat.

This is part of a series of classes in April. This, as well as the others, are $10 each, or $17 for all three.

My classes have structure and guided material. You will benefit fully from the recordings which are always available to you, whether or not you can attend live.

I hope to see those of you who are interested in this subject there.

As always, thanks for your time and support!


Click Here for More Information and to Register for the Class

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Hi Evan
Thanks for posting this
Not sure if this is a vision but I notice there is a desire for inner peace.
I find it difficult to have a mental image of a vision come up. I am not sure if this is because I cant see the future.
Appreciate it Evan

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